Financing options available!

Conveniently finance your home heating system up to $50,000. Some conditions apply.

Wilsons Heating: Your full-service heating provider

From planning out and installing your heating system, to the maintenance services required for keeping it running efficiently, to the timely fuel deliveries you need to stay warm, and even heat pumps, we’re your choice for year-round, worry-free comfort.

Federal Fuel Charge: We wish to ensure our clients are aware of the Federal Fuel Charge, coming into effect July 1, 2023. This will appear on your invoice in a separate line as "FFC" or "CT".

Potential Exemption: Fishers, Farmers, and Greenhouse Operators may be eligible for an exemption or partial exemption. You must apply for this exemption directly with the CRA and email a copy of your certificate to once it is received. Find your form here: Fishers, Farmers, Greenhouse Operators.

Please Note: we are told that the federal government does not currently have a mechanism to refund overpayments so it is important to apply and provide Wilsons with your certificate as soon as possible. If you're already receiving a provincial fuel tax exemption, you will still be required to apply for your federal exemption separately.