NO-CONTACT SERVICE: To help keep our clients and staff safe, Wilsons Heating is continuing no-contact installations, service calls, and deliveries. Our team adheres to strict safety protocols such as daily monitoring for symptoms and potential exposures, wearing masks, and maintaining a minimum of a 6-ft distance from clients.

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BBQ Connection Kits

Have you ever come home at the end of a hot summer day, decided to grill up some burgers for your family, only to discover your BBQ has run out of fuel?

The last thing you want to do is go out again to get your propane tank refilled. 

Why not always be ready to grill with a Wilsons BBQ Kit?

  • Skip the line, because you won’t have to head out to refill your tank
  • Never run out of fuel for your BBQ
  • Save money, as propane is cheaper per unit in larger quantities

Ask our heating experts to hook up your BBQ to your home’s propane supply for your best BBQ season yet! 

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