Federal Fuel Charge: We wish to ensure our clients are aware of the Federal Fuel Charge, which came into effect on July 1, 2023. This will appear on your invoice in a separate line as “FFC” or “CT”.

Residential Oil Exemptions: Residential oil deliveries made on or after November 9, 2023 will be exempt until March 31, 2027. Eligible residential customers (houses, offices, multi-unit residential buildings) do not need to apply for the exemption. This will appear on invoices as 0.00.

Agricultural Exemptions: Fishers, Farmers and Greenhouse Operators may be eligible for an exemption or partial exemption. You must apply for this exemption directly with the CRA and email a copy of your certificate to contact@wilsonsheating.ca once it is received.  Find your form here: Fishers, Farmers, Greenhouse Operators.

Please Note: We are told that the federal government does not currently have a mechanism to refund overpayments so it is important to apply and provide Wilsons with your certificate as soon as possible. If you’re already receiving a provincial fuel tax exemption, you will still be required to apply for your federal exemption separately.