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At Wilsons we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best support in the industry. This information should help answer most of your questions but do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions.

24 Hour Emergency Service

Should your furnace fail at any time, a phone call is all that it takes for prompt action by our qualified, experienced service representatives.  Our breakdown service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We are able to provide prompt action to solve your service requirements.

To minimize the cost of furnace breakdowns, take advantage of our Total Protection Plan.

For Emergency Service, call the number below that is closest to your area:

  • Metro Halifax:  (902) 429-4545
  • Truro Area:  (902) 895-4429
  • Bridgewater Area: (902) 527-0009

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When purchasing an oil tank there are many things to take into consideration. Follow the link below to view some of the tools we have to help you make your best educated decision when purchasing your next oil tank.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are my delivery options?

The options are automatic or Will Call delivery. In both cases, after hours emergency delivery is also available.

How does automatic delivery work?

Based on calculations of your oil or propane consumption rate and the daily outside temperature, a delivery schedule is created which, under stipulated conditions, aims to keep your tank from dipping below one-quarter full.

Is there a minimum amount of oil or propane that I have to order?

There is for oil and it is based on your location

  • 450 litres for Metro Halifax
  • 300 litres in the town of Truro and 450 litres outside of Truro
  • 300 litres for Bridgewater

All propane customers are placed on automatic delivery so minimums do not apply.

What are the advantages of automatic delivery?

Our automatic delivery systems provides you with better-timed deliveries and helps to prevent your running out of fuel and requiring emergency delivery. With automatic delivery, you are eligible for our budget payment plan which allows for equal monthly payments year round. Be prepared for when the first fall chill arrives! Plus, a full oil tank through the summer months means less condensation and sludge buildup, helping to prevent blocked fuel lines.

Is there a delivery fee on top of the fuel price?

There is no additional fee for either oil or propane deliveries during regular work hours. If an emergency delivery occurs after hours, there is an additional fee for the driver's after-hours work.

What happens if there is bad weather?
We track the weather forecasts to anticipate cold weather, snow storms, and other factors that will impact the amount of fuel used to keep you warm. Wilsons also makes note of those customers with difficult driveways or other unusual conditions, enabling us to make those deliveries before bad weather makes it difficult.

What are my payment options?

For your optimal convenience, you can set up an online account at and pay by credit card or through online banking.

Credit cards accepted include American Express, Visa and Mastercard.

Other options include paying with cash, credit card or debit at any of our offices,, telephone credit card payment, at your local bank or mailing a cheque.

Do I need to sign a contract?

No there are no contracts for oil or propane delivery for residential customers.

What maintenance does my oil heating system require?

Regular maintenance is recommended on all heating equipment. This includes a cleaning, inspection and service on a yearly basis. We offer all those services.

Do you offer furnace technician services?

Yes we do: Click here for more info.

After starting automatic delivery, will I ever have to call to adjust my schedule?

Only if big changes occur in your home or lifestyle. These can affect the rate at which your home burns fuel oil or propane. If this rate changes and we don’t know it, you could run out of fuel oil or propane.

Please call us if any of the following changes occur at your home:

  • Add a new room to your house
  • Have a new baby (congratulations!)
  • Have a family member spend significant time at home because of illness
  • Stop using a space heater or wood stove?
  • Allow children to move back into the house
  • Install a new oversize bathtub
  • Have a leak from a hot water faucet repaired
  • Turn a basement into a bedroom or family room