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Why You Should Fill Up Your Oil Tank during the Summer


Did you know that filling your fuel tank during the summer reduces the amount of condensation that will occur in a fuel tank?  Condensation is a natural event that occurs when it is cooler inside the tank compared to the outside temperature. Filling your tank reduces the amount of empty area in the tank where condensation can take place.

Condensation is water that falls off the inside surface of the tank and mixes with the fuel oil and creates sludge. If there is a large accumulation of sludge in the tank and the sludge gets pulled into the fuel line, it may cause a blocked fuel line resulting in a service call to your home.

If your tank has a large amount of sludge and you are experiencing plugging of your fuel lines, we can treat your tank with other products to disperse the sludge.

With this hot weather we’ve been having this summer you're probably not thinking a whole lot about heating your home this coming fall and Nova Scotia weather is hard to predict, one day it’s sunny and 22 degrees and the next it’s cloudy and the temperature has dropped down to 5 degrees!  Having your tank full now you won’t need a delivery on the first cold snap of the heating season.

We also recommend that you book a maintenance check to make sure that your heating system is running efficiently before you need it be running.  The cost of a heating system tune-up varies, but it can save 3 to 10 percent on heating costs each heating season.